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The Property Selling Process

It is said that selling and moving from your house is one of the most stressful times of a persons life, but when you sell your house to us, the selling process is relatively easy. Unlike the conventional methods, there are many stressful elements removed when you sell your house directly to us. There are no hassles of worrying about the house chain breaking and no worries of the condition and the presentation of your property.

Just pick up the phone and we will guide you through the simple process. The basic steps of selling your property to us include:

Enquiry – Once you establish contact with us either through an online enquiry form or directly by phone, we will discuss the basic details of your property. This means discussing the basic elements of your property including the type of the property, its general condition, your situation and timescale within which you would like to move, any valuations that you have had so on for the house and so on.

.Provisional Offer – After a quick discussion of the property, if we have sufficient information about the property, we will aim to issue a provisional offer and the likely figures for the property over the phone. This is usually done on our initial conversation to give you ball park figures of our offer. The final price will normally be based on the valuation achieved following a survey of the property.

Agreement to sell – If you are happy with our provisional price, we will ask you to sign a commitment agreement confirming that you are happy to sell your property to us. We will want a commitment from you so that we can arrange a property valuation.

Property Valuation – We will instruct a property valuation to confirm the price we have discussed. If the property valuation comes back as what we have agreed then we can move to exchange and completion.

Exchange and completion – We will instruct our solicitors to start the process and send contracts for exchange to your solicitors and completion within a timeframe that we have agreed.

As you can see from the above, the process is relatively straightforward and can be completed from a few weeks to just days. So give us a call to get started on getting your house sold fast.